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The Workplace Violence Epidemic
Marleah Blades explores the changes in federal health reform, employee safety directives, and the increase in crime in hospitals in the March 2012 issue of Security Technology Executive.
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Hazardous Wandering and Elopement
People who wander unsafely or in unsafe environments may face a higher risk of injury, entrapment in unsafe areas, and malnutrition. But it is often preferable to support it than try and stop it.
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Emergency Department Violence: An Overview and Compilation of Resources
Developed by members of ACEPs Public Health and Injury Prevention Committee April 2011.
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Latest Research

“Security is now largely connected to a hospital’s overall strategic direction and reputation.”
A 2011 survey may confirm the experience of security managers but other findings may surprise the seasoned professional.
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Push to Curb Labor Costs Hurts Nursing Home Quality of Care: Study
The push to keep labor costs low among the nation's largest for-profit nursing home chains has resulted in poor quality care, according to new research.
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ADT Security and Technology Road Show
Various Cities, Feb thru July 2012
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ASHE Annual Conference
San Antonio, TX, July 15-18, 2012
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2012 Healthcare Security Summit
Naples, FL, Sept 30-Oct 2, 2012
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Healthcare Facilities
Symposium & Expo

Chicago, IL,
Oct 2-4, 2012
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Useful Content

How Awareness Stops Negligence, Prevents Workplace Violence
Security Magazine, June 26, 2012
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The New ED: Keep Patients Out (But Happy)
While not exactly a checkpoint to bar patients from the hospital, the doors of the ED will become increasingly important as an exit.
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A Guide to Managed Video Services: Part I
How to Increase Security and Improve
Operational Efficiencies

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Managed Video

In September 2011, OSHA issued its first-ever directive on how to conduct inspections in response
to workplace violence. Discover how OSHA’s directives apply to hospitals in this 3-part series.

  • Part 1: OSHA Steps Up Inspections of Hospital Violence
    New Directive issued September 2011 is more
    than mere suggestions.
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  • Part 2: OSHA Guidelines Help Abate
    Violence in Hospitals

    9 far-ranging violence-prevention strategies. Download now >
  • Part 3: OSHA Directive Designed to Make Hospital Facilities Safer
    13 Suggested Engineering Controls and Workplace Adaptations to Reduce Violence.
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Patient Elopement: 9 Ways to Improve Prevention
Patients who wander away from hospital can harm themselves, and subject the facility to liability and reputational risk.
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Preventing Shrinkage in Hospitals: From
Sheets to Scrubs to Stethoscopes

Theft of small-ticket property costs hospitals more
than $50 million a year. Now they’re finding new
ways to curb culprits.
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New RFID Systems: Tagging Takes Off
Hospitals save huge sums with pinpoint location;
expand the uses of asset-tracking technology.
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The Pros and Cons of Consolidating Security Operations Centers (SOCs)
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From the Newsroom

2011 Hospital Security Survey
Spending remains a priority amid hospital safety challenges
Health Facilities Management, Oct 2011
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How to Handle a Security Breach
in a Health Care Environment

Health IT Exchange, May 8, 2011
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UPMC Reviews Security After Shooting
Even though its security met national standards, and couldn’t predict a random act of violence, all procedures are being reviewed.
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